Hi my name is Emily Nielsen, but my friends all call me Louis. If you're here for my artwork there's a link underneath this description to all of my art related posts. Other than that I use this blog to reblog a large amount of silly fandom posts, and cats.

Fair warning: I may be into a fandom that you don't care for, but I always tag my fandom posts. :) Feel free to message me about anything that happens to be on your mind.

Friendcode Louis: 1134-8265-0448
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    Haha already did this picture
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    no idea what i was doing with this half the time oh well he looks fancy enough
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    I think I won, hands down :v (also that is a hat on my head :v)
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    I have to re-reblog this because look at my adorable friends. Wow!
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    Fffffffancy schmancy
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    i feel so fancyyyy~
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    derse dreamers we ride together we die together
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    I did this quick doodle ages ago of my prospit self :U
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    can’t draw worth crap but OMG JEWEL LET ME LOVE YOUR PICTURE *glomp*
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    honey where did you even find those shoes
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    finally got ahold of my tablet uvu
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